Here you can find all the information you need regarding the aircraft in-game. Ever wanted to purchase an aircraft but not know if it was good? Ever wanted to lease an aircraft but not know which routes to fly? Well now you can know all you need about the aircraft, routes and more, courtesy of the WLF Alliance!

Regional AircraftEdit

Find any regional passenger aircraft here.

NOTE: The technique to flying regional PAX aircraft is pretty much the same all the way through. When you are at the computer, fly the SHORTEST routes possible, somewhere around the 300km or 30mins mark, and fly these routes frequently. If not, then fly routes just under 900km. Routes after 900km suffer a price drop, so avoid, and do not fly long routes unless your plane has the range and a low fuel usage. To begin the game it is suggested that you do not do not purchase any passenger aircraft before the AN-148. Mix in this passenger aircraft with cargo aircraft will give you a good start to the game. After AN-148 suggested upgrades are Boeing 737-200, ERJ190, DC-9-10. DC 9-40, MD 90, 727-200. Try Avoiding the other aircrafts.

Yakovlev Yak-40

AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Many airlines' first mistake is to purchase a big load of these because of its foolishly low price. Don't. This brings in more negatives than any other aircraft, so I strongly recommend you get any other regional aircraft other than this.

ATR 42

A good plane to start with if you are a new airline. Fly quick turnarounds and alot of flights which are very close together, and upgrade when you can.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: Dash 8 Q3/400, Il-114-100, ATR 72.

Antonov An-140

A reasonable aircraft, however get the Dash 8 Q300 or similar instead.

Dash 8 Q300

Another very good aircraft for new airlines, as this has one of the lowest fuel usages in the game. However don't be fooled by its low fuel usage, stick to the short flights as long distance flights almost always end up in negatives.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: Dash 8 Q400, ATR-72.

British Aerospace ATP-

This not a good plane. Fuel use will keep you from making a profit on almost all of your flights. Go with the Xian MA60, ATR72, or Q400.

Ilyushin Il-114-100-

There are planes much better than this, but it is better than the one just above. If possible go with on othe the other planes below.

Antonov An-24-

The drop of fuel use might look good, but the drop in passenger capacity makes up for it in a bad way. Try to avoid.

Xian MA60-

Not a bad plane, but the ATR72 is a much better buy.

Suggested Replacement: ATR72 or Q400

ATR 72

This is probably better than any of the above. It has a large capacity of seats and cargo, low fuel usage and is reasonably fast.

Suggested Replacement: Q400 or An-148

Saab 2000- Don't even bother with this one.

Dash 8 Q400

The bigger brother of the Q300, both aircraft are almost identical except this has more seats, making it a good upgrade. Again, stick to very short flights.

Suggested Replacement Aicraft: Antonov An-148 or 737-200

Embraer ERJ145

A lot of people are excited to fly this jet and some of them have a lot of success. The An-148, though is a better buy. You can see if this works for you if you want, but the An-148 is a better plane.

Suggested Replacement: An-148 or 737-200

Antonov An-148 (Star Aircraft for its group)

Better than any of the above aircraft, this is a very good regional airliner. You can keep this until the E-190/737-200, and these also generally sell well in the Used Market.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: E-190, 737-200.

Antonov An-72

Avoid. Get the An-148 instead. You don't need the extra range and it has a very small passenger capacity compared to other aircraft in its group.

Mitsubishi MRJ70

Get the An-148 instead.

Sukhoi Superjet 100-75

Avoid. Get the An-148 instead.

Fokker 70

Get the An-148 instead.

Embraer ERJ175

Some people like this jet, but I still find the An-148 to be better.

Suggested Replacement: 737-200 or Embraer 190

British Aerospace BAe-146

The An-148 is a better plane than this.

Bombardier CRJ700

If you start to get sick of the An-148, but still want a small plane, this isn't a terrible buy, but try to get planes below this one.

Suggested Replacement: 737-200 or Embraer 190

ACAC ARJ21-900

Can be a good plane depending on how you fly it, but again go with either the An-148 or the MRJ90LR.

McDonnell Douglas DC-9-10

A decent aircraft and reasonable upgrade. Stick to short routes however following the strategy guides.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: MRJ90LR or 737-200 adv.

Mitsubishi MRJ90LR

Another star aircraft! Probably the best aircraft in it's group up to the 737-200/ERJ-190/Crj-1000. A good alternative to them if you are on a budget, provides almost as good results!

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: 737-200, ERJ-190

Sukhoi Superjet 100-95-

Avoid. Get the MRJ90LR instead.

Bombardier CRJ900

If you don't like the MRJ90LR, this is a good plane to buy. And although it doesn't seat as many as the Tu-334, the lower fuel usage and faster cruising speed make up for it.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: 737-200 or Embraer 190

Tupolev Tu-334

Good plane to get, and will bring in cash. Suggested Replacement: Embraer 190 or Crj 1000

Fokker 100

Go with the Boeing 737-200 instead.

Boeing 737-200 Advanced

This, along with the E-190, is probably the best regional aircraft until the MD-90/727-200. Has a good range so you can risk some longer flights, however short flights are always the safer bet. Only get this if you have some Passenger Improvements, if not, get the E-190.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: DC-9-40 or 727-200

Embraer ERJ190

Again, a great aircraft along with the 737-200 and Crj-1000. Don't fly this on long routes, stick to routes under 900km. You can try out both aircraft, as in the end, the choice between these three aircraft usually ends up to airline preference.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: DC-9-40 or 727-200

Bombardier CRJ1000

Another great plane along with the 2 above it. Out of the 3 listed, airlines just tend to pick whatever their personal favorite is.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: DC-9-40 or 727-200

Yakovlev Yak-42


McDonnell Douglas DC-9-40

A very worthwhile airplane. Will keep you out of the black as long as you manage the distance you fly well. Again great at shorter distances and for ratings!

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: 727-200 or MD-90

Boeing 717

A good plane, but it can't match the performance of the DC-9-40.

Suggested Replacement: MD-90 or 727-200

Bombardier CS100

If you want a CSeries plane, go with the -ER versions in the medium range catagory.

McDonnell Douglas MD-81

A great aircraft before the MD-90, as these are virtually the same however the MD-90 generally performs better, so save up a little more for that if you can. Just be careful with it's fuel usage as longer flights do become risky.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: MD-90, 727-200

Bombardier CS300

If you want a CSeries plane, go with the -ER versions in the medium range catagory.

Boeing 727-100

Not a bad plane, but the MD-90 and 727-200 are both better planes, so if you can, try to go with those.

McDonnell Douglas MD-90

Second best regional aircraft to own. Recommend by higher ranked players. It is highly suggested not to purchase this aircraft until you have most of the improvements, however, as this aircraft is over $20m cheaper than the 727-200, it is the best option if you have a tighter pocket.It is sugested you buy minimum passenger upgrades before purchasing this airplane or you will generate negative flights! Generally reccomemded for higher ratings which helps in calculating aircraft load. Also, ensure that you have a codeshare for maximun benefit from this aircraft.

Replace with: New MD-90 and/or 727-200

Boeing 727-200

Widely described as the best regional aircraft, this is the best regional profits-wise. Fly normal >900km routes during the day, and fly long flights at night. However, this aircraft costs over $20million more than the MD-90, so if you cannot afford it then the MD-90 is also a good option.

Replacement: Same as MD-90

Medium Range AircraftEdit

Find any medium range passenger aircraft here.


A plane not for new airlines.This plane can be the worst med range aircraft, and can be the best. DO NOT purchase this aircraft if you don't have almost all the passenger and fuel improvements, or else it will bring poor revenues and negatives. On the other hand, with all/most improvements, this is one of the best medium range aircraft. (few improvements = worst med range aircraft, most improvements = best med range aircraft.) Fortunatly with Recent Addition of Fuel farm a Strategy can be used wereby Two slots / Hubs have Fuel Farm systems operating, and fly concorde between them. This will always ensure posative ratings. But be aware Overall costs when factoring Fuel cost may still be a Neagative, this simply negates the Negative rating.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: 737-600, with all improvements and lots of money, skip to the 787-3.

Boeing 737-600

A great plane for airlines breaking into the medium range market. Try not to purchase the aircraft new, also recommend that you have at least one Ticket pricing improvement and one to two minimum passengers on board improvement. If purchasing new,.try the CS300ER instead, it has a lower fuel cost and larger PAX capacity.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: Airbus 320 or Boeing 737-700ER

Bombardier CS100ER- Better than the 737-700 and a318, but I suggest getting the CS300ER if you have the extra bit of cash.

Bombardier CS300ER A great aircraft due to its low fuel usage and good passenger capacity, try not to purchase used with loads of KM/hours.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: Airbus a320 or Boeing 737-700ER

Boeing 737-700- Not terrible, but the CSeries jets above will make you more money.

Airbus 318- There are better options out there, but this isn't a terrible plane. The CSeries aircraft before this are a much safer and more profitable bets.

Airbus 319- A decent plane but the 737-800 and a320 will both give you better results.

Boeing 737-800- Not a bad plane and can bring in consistantly good revenues.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: a321 or Boeing 757-300

Tupolev Tu-154- Avoid! There are better options out there.

Airbus 320- A better plane than the 737-700ER if you can get online more. This plane can seat more people and should allow you to have more flights in a given day. Another good plane, but upgrade when possible.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: Airbus a321 or Boeing 757-300

Boeing 737-700ER- It might seem attractive with the very long range and low fuel usage, but there are better planes out there. If you can't get online a lot, this is the plane for you. It tipically makes money on most if not all of it's flights.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: Airbus a321 or Boeing 757-300

Boeing 737-900- Not terrible, but if you can wait until you can buy the 737-900ER.

Boeing 737-900ER- A good option. Low-fuel usage with good passenger capacity makes it a good plane, but if you can be online more often go with the a321 instead.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: 757-300 or a300

Airbus 321- One of the best planes in its class. Can do short or long routes depending on your schedule. Will bring in a consistant profit.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: a300 or 757-300

Tupolev Tu-204- Both the a321 and Boeing 737-900ER are better planes and will result in larger profits. If you can try to go with the a300 or 757-300. If not, again both the a321 and Boeing 737-900ER are very good options.

Boeing 707-120B- AVOID!!!! Personally, I see no reason to buy this plane at all, but some are confused with its fast cruising speed. IT'S NOT WORTH IT!!!! Go with the 757-300 or a300 instead.

McDonnell Douglas DC-8-63- Go with the 757-300 or a300.

Boeing 757-200- Some people find this plane to be good, but -300 version is better. I suggest the -300 over this since it's almost the same price for a better airplane.

Boeing 757-300

This, along with the A300/Concorde is among one of the best medium range aircraft before the 787-3. Fly it between the 4,000km to 6,000km range when you have the time, however DO NOT fly anything above 6,000km.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: A300, 787-3.

Airbus 300 - Star Aircraft!

As above, this is a very good passenger aircraft. Fly between 4,000km to 6,000km if you have the time, DO NOT fly over 6,000km. This is a step up from the 757 as it has more seats, so if you want to purchase one of these, I suggest that you save a little more to purchase this. Keep it until you can afford the 787-3.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: 787-3

Airbus 310

A good aircraft, however go with the A300 instead. You don't need the extra range, and the A300 has more seats.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: A300, 787-3

McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 Descent aircraft with passenger improvements. Do not purchase if you don't have to.

Ilyushin Il-62M- Aviod. Go with the a300 or 787-3 instead.

Boeing 767-200- Go with either the -300 or 787-3 instead. This really isn't a plane that will make you money.

Boeing 767-300- Better than the -200, but still remains in the shadow of the 787-3 and a300.

Boeing 787-3 - STAR AIRCRAFT

This, arguably, is the best medium range aircraft if you don't want Concorde Speeds. Fly the 4,000km to 6,000km range bracket, and this should bring very decent revenues. This aircraft will be good for you even with major improvements if you can shell out the bucks! It is the best medium range aircraft if you want to gain revenues and ratings! The concord is the best for generatings quick ratings if you have all passenger improvements..

Long Range AircraftEdit

Find any long range passenger aircraft here.

Note: Economy seat Value is derived in relation to Economy, First class x 4 & Bussiness class x 2

Boeing 767-200ER

A Good All aorund jet thats lets smaller-medium sized airlines taste the world or Long Range without Breaking the Bank. Widely used as a Plane for the CCE, as it has a nice balance of attributes making it a great all around plane. Has a Decent Economy seat value of 223


Boeing 707-320B

The Second plane and First Long range plane that has First class. Unfortunatly it suffers in that the overall seat count Value of only 208, which is allot less then the cheaper 767-200ER on offer. In addition it uses more Fuel, with less range to boot. its only saving grace is that it is quiet a quick aircaft

Generally Avoid

Boeing 767-300ER

The bigger brother to the 767-200ER. It is a decent upgrade and like the 767-200ER is a decent all rounder, but master of none. It Has a larger cargo hold and seat count (Seat value of 257) at the expense of slightly higher Fuel burn. This makes it a great Aircraft but like Many long-Range planes it suffers from an identity crisis. Genrally the Airlines who can afford Long-range will jump straight for the bigger toys, and small airlines who can barely afford Long-range will settle for the 767-200ER. It is however a decent aircraft and can also do CCE with its comftable range. A great alternative that will likely bring in more profit for CCE then its smaller brother.


Lockheed L-1011-500

The Tristar holds a unique place among the smaller Long-range jets. It has a seat value count of 288 which has the highest so far. In addition its speed is what makes it unique, at over 1000KM/hr thats more then 150 km/hr faster then the 767-200ER for exmaple. As a result it can help players hit more flight a day, or even get an Extra slot in CCE, if done correctly. This does however come at the Expense of range and higher Fuel burn so just be aware. The higher seat count and Cargo hold will alliviate the higher Fuel burn however. So a great plane to attempt the CCE in. Just be aware of its lower max range


Ilyushin Il-96-300

The First Russian Made entry on the Long-Range list, its quiet a decent aircaft but rarely used, Bigger airlines tend to go for bigger toys whilst smaller settle on the 767-200ER. The aircaft itself has a seat value of 267 which is the 2nd highest so far. In addition it has a very good range in excess of 13,000KM, low fuel burn, decent speed and cargo hold. In a way it makes it a decent upgrade with better stats then other Aircaft such as the 767-300ER. The big range, decent money make ability makes it a great CCE plane to use.


Boeing 767-400

The 767-400 has more in common with the Tristar then its smaller 767 Brothers, due to the fact it excels in a particular catagory. In this case the plane has a very big passenger capacity of 320 which is easily the highest so far. In addition with Great Fuel burn and Cargo hold what is wrong with it??? this all comes at expense of Range. The range is great if you run the routes between 5900-6000KM and just a notch over 9000+KM, but it has a small margin like the Tristar, so dont expect to fly long transpacific routes with this. It can do the CCE but like said, beware of the range Margin

Recommend (be wary of Max range)

Airbus 330-200

The First Airbus Entry in Long-range and Unfortunatly its a weak one. The plane itself is not too bad, but there is an exact comparable plane for cheaper, the IL-96-300. The Russian made jet holds 7 more seat value, larger cargo hold and more range, There is actually no benefit to this more expensive airframe other then its marginal decrease in fuel burn, which is negated by the russian's jet larger cargo hold.


Airbus 330-300

The A330-300 is the bigger brother to the A330-200, it has an increased seat value count of 307, same sized cargo hold, but allot less fuel burn, all at the expense of range. It is equivialnt to the 767-400 in Family placement. The 767-400 is also a comparable but cheaper aircraft, the 767-400 actually has a larger seat value count, lower fuel burn but marginally smaller cargo hold. In all honesty the similer attributed A330-300 is not really worth the $9 million premium over the 767-400


Ilyushin Il-96-400

The Bigger brother to the IL-96-400. It is actually a Very decent aircraft. With a decent seat value count of 321, Good sized Cargo hold, Very good range and modest Fuel burn it is actually hard to Fault the Airplane. Like many however it suffers from the Long-range issue that plagues many planes, Too expensive for smaller Airlines, But too cheap for the bigger ones. It is however a Fantastic aircraft and well worth a look if this is within your priceing bracket. Also very effeicent at CCE


McDonnell Douglas MD-11

The Trijet Passenger plane of the famous MD-11 family. This plane is also a very good all arounder plane and i would put it in the same catagory as the IL-96-400. A seat value count of 360 puts it at the highest so far. With a lower Fuel burn then the IL-96-400, bigger cargo hold and longer range coupled with slightly higher cruise speed, it is well worth the small premium over the already great IL-96-400. This plane is actually fantastic and will bring in very good results. Its Range Margin also mean it is a Fantastic jet on completeing the CCE. Its only issue may be that it Overshadowed By the slightly more expensive A340-300 Jet.


Boeing 787-8

The Smallest Long-range member of the Fuel efficent Dreamliner is just and only that Fuel efficent. It is highly Fuel efficent, with the smallest Fuel burn out of All Long-range planes. but it has one simple issue, its revenue making ability. It has a modest seat value count of 320 and a below average Cargo hold. this simply means that although it burns less on Fuel, it simply cannot make the amount of revenu other jets do. the MD-11 although having a higer fuel burn, it will easily negate this penelty with its Larger seat value and Cargo hold. The main Saving grace of the 787-8 is that it does have a Very good long range coupled with its Fuel burn, but not great with its low revenue potentiol.


Airbus 340-300

This Beast Redeems Airbus for thier poor entries with the A330 Family plus more. The A340-300 is easily the Best plane So far, and a very competative plane, even at later stages. It has very good attributes in all of the areas. A Seat value count of 370 means it is the Highest in the game so far. Its cargo hold its also very Generous and its Range is nothing to Sneeze at. All of these coupled with a Low fuel burn makes it a very Competative Long-range Jet which is very well suited to normal routes and CCE alike.

Highly Recommend

Boeing 777-200

The First member in the renowned 777 Family, and unfortunatly its a weak member at that. This planes stats unfortunatly are very weak, moreso in comparison to the cheaper A340-300. With a modest Seat value count of 317 its serverly disadvantaged against the Cheaper A340-300. This is made even worse by its poor Top range (worse of all Long-Range planes), smaller Cargo hold and worse Fuel burn for a higher price tag, makes this option well.....

Very Poor

Airbus 340-500

The Second Longest ranged plane in the game, and part of the A340 family, unfortunatly this particular member specialises in one thing at the expense of other attributes and thats its range. Its high range is good, but in a way its similer to the 787-8, Its revenue making capability are sub-par and even worse the then A340-300 with a seat value count of 322, only slightly higher then the poor 777-200. The fuel burn although not terrible, is not great, its only upside is its huge Cargo hold which should level out some of its seat value disadvantage. The question to ask yourself is if you really need the Extra range, if not save yourself some money and go for the A340-300, or even better save up some more funds and jump on to the next set of planes

Aviod (There are Exceptions)

Boeing 747-100

The First member of the Elusive 747 Family. This beast Has a very high seat value count 428, coupled with its generous Cargo capacity means it has a very good revenue Potetial. However this comes at the Expense of range at which it suffers allot and very high Fuel burn. There are just too many better balnced options avilable. This beast is also quiet pricy so only the medium-larger airlines will afford it, however you will see them and as should you jump on to more profitable aircraft. It will be hard to do CCE with this as range margin will always be an issue.


Boeing 787-9

This plane shares allot in common with its smaller sibling the 787-8. its Focuses on Fuel efficency over other metrics. As a result it has a sub-par, but not terrible seat value count for its price of 354. Its Cargo hold is also Sub-par, but as expected its Range and Fuel Burn are fantastic. This plane will make less revenue then even the Fantastic A340-300 but with a premium makin it questionable at best. By no means a poor aircaft, its just that there are too many better options Available


Boeing 747SP

The 2nd member of the 747 Family, this one is actually a shrink desighned for longer range flights. As a result its seat value count is a very poor 340 In addition its range is not even that great. Its Cargo Hold is above average but still nothing great and its fuel burn is on the higher side. In all this means a terrible pakage. with less revenue making abilty the the far chaper and longer legger planes like the A340-300 makes this plane a terrible investment


Boeing 777-300

The Second member of the 777 Family, Fortunatly this stretch Favors better. With a seat Value Count of 449 this makes it the Highest seat value count so far. It is however more or less a medium - Long ranged people mover. Its Range is its main handicap, It can compete in the CCE but like others its got a small space of breathing room to do so. Dont expect any transpacific flights in this beast. Its Decent Cargo hold coupled with its above average Fuel burn does mean it can make decent money on flights within range. Although not a bad option just be aware of the limited range


Airbus 350-800

The First Eco-efficent Airbus Family member, in many ways its similer to the previous 787 family that also show up. its more focused on the Fuel efficenecy aspect at the expense of other Attributes. with a OK seat value 352 and sub-par Cargo hold dont expect to be printing bank notes. Like the 787 its svaing grace is its very long range and low fuel burn. But other aircaft with higher revenue potential will generally overcome thier slightly higher fuel cost making this a questionable investment, moreso When you can pay a little bit more and get one of the best Long-range jets A340-600.


Boeing 777-200LR

The Longest range Plane in the game is also a member of the prestegious 777 Family. This model is one of the more popular ingame and for good reason. It has a good seat value count of 436. This makes it the highest so far and with a very good sized Cargo hold you will be able to make Very good money. Its fuel burn is decent for the capability it provides and its range is untoutched. all of these Factors combined make it unquestionably a Good investment choice. BUT the simple fact is the A340-600 is simply better for most missions, so its worthwhile looking at that also.

Recommend (but check A340-600)

Boeing 747-200 Another Memeber of the beloved 747 Family. This is a Vast improvement over the previous 747 Varients. It has a seat value of 432, which is very good. In addition it has a large cargo Hold. On balance it should make more money then say the 777-200LR. But the issue is its higher Fuel burn and shorter legs. As a result there is no point of the 747-200 as the 777-200LR makes roughly same amount, but can use less fuel and fly Further. As a stand alone plane the 747-200 is good, its just Unfortunate its squeezed between two of the best LR jets in the game.

Avoid (Look at 777-200LR / A340-600)

Airbus 340-600

One of the Best Long range jets and not for Any old reason. it has the Third Longest legs in the game, and has a seat value count of 480 thanks to the tie for biggest First class cabin in game. This puts it as the highest Seat value so far with long legs too boot. it gets even better when we look at Fuel burn which is very low, infact even lower then the 777-200LR. In addition it has a massive cargo hold and bigger the the popular 777-200LR. As a result the fact it can make more money whilst burning less fuel really makes it a no Brainer. Its only slight Disadvanatge is its Range, but at nearly 17,000KM (18 hours flying time) there are very few routes that NEED the legs of the 777-200LR

Highly Recommend

Boeing 747-300

Another Member in the 747 Family, fortunatly this jet is even more competative then its feeble family members reviewed so far. This jet thanks to its large Bussiness class Cabin has even a higher seat value count then the A340-600 standing at 486. In addition its Cargo Hold is also Larger, as a result it has more money making potntial then the A340-600. However it comes at a price of a higher Fuel burn and Less range. This leads it to being less flexible then the A346. Most missions will likely see the A340-600 come out just slightly ahead. The other Benefit is simply the range the A346 has in comparison to the 747-300, in addition it is marginally slower by 20km/hr. You wont be shooting yourself in the foot with the good aircraft, just that you can do abit better.

Decent (Go for A346 instead though)

Airbus 350-900

The stretched version of Airbus's Eco Friendly XWB Family. Like other Eco-jets this one is Heavily skewed towards Low fuel consumption and good range. Its seat value stands at a sub-par 396. Which is worse then the jets listed above. In addition its Cargo hold is also allot smaller. The A346 in comparison has Allot more seats, bigger cargo Hold & can fly further, for a slight increase in Fuel consumption, easily negated by previously said factors. Simply put this aircaft Like most 787 & A350 Family members should be Avoided.


Boeing 747-400M This is a very Unique plane, it trades its Passenger load for Cargo load. this makes it a hard airplane to compare, in a Scence. It has a very poor Seat total of 315. But its saving grace is that it has a decent size Cargo hold. Its questionable if the much lower seat count is worth it. The A 346 carries nearly 19,000KG vs 30,000 for this plane, but at the same time carries a seat value which is 150+. In addition it Burns allot more fuel and has less range, plus a higher price tag. The only Benefits may be if you have all Cargo improvements and No Pax improvements but even then.....

Avoid (Its Larger Cargo hold cannot outweigh the Penalties)

Boeing 777-300ER The Largest Varient in the Modern 777 Family. It is also the First plane that tips over the $200 million mark (with Alliance discount) brand new. It has a seat value of 446, which although good is not the best of planes which have been reviewed thus far. The A346 can fly Further, carry more people, more cargo and all on less fuel, and for less money, makes the 777-300ER a Questionable purchase. Althought Not a Bad plane in its own right. the simple fact is that its outshown in all metrics by a cheaper plane

Poor (get A346 Instead)

Airbus 350-1000 The Heaviest A350 Family member and also a pricy one at that. Like other Eco-Jets it goes after Fuel burn at the expense of other Metrics. This is platently obvious when squeezed between the 747-400 and 777-300ER.. With a slightly lower seat value count then the 77W at 434 its only saving grace it the Fuel burn. But simply put like the 77W the A346 is the better all around aircraft and its cheaper, hauls more cargo and has a longer range. Or you could spend a little bit more and go for the more capable planes above this.

Poor (Get A346 Instead)

Boeing 747-400 Another member in the 747 Family. Fortunatly this one is a good one. This Family member has a huge Seat value count of 544 making it joint 3rd highest. In addition It has a well sized Cargo hold and its Fuel Burn is Reasonably Proportionate. It has a Decent range and should be Ok for most missions. This plane is a fantastic all arounder and will help pull in the big bucks and rating. The First plane since the A346 that is worth splashing out on.


Boeing 747-400ER This is The same varient as the Regular 747-400, but with slightly increase in range and slightly improved cargo hold, but it does burn marginally more fuel. Is a decent upgrade to the regular 747-400 as its slight increase in range may afford more Flexability, but dont expect any outstanding results over the 747-400.


Boeing 747-800

The 2nd best LR plane in the game is another 747 Family member. With the 2nd highest seat value count of 563 thanks too a huge bussiness class and Huge Cargo hold its money making Ability are fantastic. In addition its got a huge range and a very reasonable Fuel Burn. Its only flaw is that its stuck under the shadow of the even better A380. So Although its a fantastic craft We recommend the A380.

Recommend (but Outclassed by A380)

Airbus 380-800

Simply the best LR plane bar none. Its got the highest Pax value count of 650 (nearly 100 more then nearest rival) A massive cargo hold (2nd only to specialty 747M and only by 2,000KG) and Very long range and a Very good Fuel Burn make it the King of LR Pax planed simply put. Use it on the right routes and it can make over $5 million in one flight. More money then any other plane in the game in one flight. And too Top it off its Speed is the Highest in game (100km/hr more then 747 rival) bar concorde. So you will usually get an extra CCE slot in a day. What more to want???

Star Plane / Simly outclasses Everything else

Cargo AircraftEdit

Find any cargo aircraft here.

NOTE: The technique for flying regional Cargo Aircraft is pretty much the same throughout. Fly routes as close as possible to 1,300km, however not over it. For example, a 1,305km route would suck, a 1,000km route would be OK, however a 1,299km route would be by far the most profitable. This is due to a price drop after 1,300km. A suggested progression for cargo aircraft is as follows. Start with the ATR42F - upgrade to the ATR 72-F, Buy cargo hauling improvements and one cargo pricing improvements then upgrade to the AN-12, If you fly often, avoid the 310-200F, and get the IL-76, then 300F, Then 757-200F, MD 11, 777, AN 124, AN 225. Once you have cargo improvements you should probably always keep enough IL-76 or 300F to give you 6 cargo airplanes at all times!!! This is key to generatign enough revenues to upgrade consistently.

Ilyushin Il-114T

A great plane for new airlines however range is definately a problem but is very effective on very short routes, so since it uses less fuel, goes faster this plane can be a very good option. Try avoiding if possible...No real negatives..ATR 42F is superior to start the game with.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: ATR 42F or ATR 72F


Great aircraft for new airlines. Fly short routes frequently, and when away from the computer, fly routes as close as possible to 1,300km - but not over that.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: AN-12 or ATR 72F


A good plane after the ATR 42F. Although range is decreased, the cargo captivity increases, which is ultimatly what you want in a plane. Good on short routes less than 2 1/2 hours.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: AN-12 or Airbus a310-200F

Lockheed L-100

AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! Can bring alot of negative flights, especially if not flown properly. Wait to buy/lease the AN-12 instead, or buy/lease the ATR72F.

Antonov An-12

Fly routes just under 1,300km frequently, as they will get you the most profit and rating points. If you find it that longer flights can give you larger profits (subtract the fuel cost from the max revenue to figure out what your max profit would be), you can fly them when you go to bed. Be careful with this plane. It can generate great profits and great negatives. Try getting a cargo hauling improvement first.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: Airbus a310-200F or II-76

Airbus 310-200F

Good plane to have, will make consistant profits IF flown correctly. Fly it on routes LESS THAN 4,000 KM (2,500 miles). Be careful though, THE FLIGHT THAT WOULD GIVE YOU THE MAX REVENUE, WON'T ALWAYS GIVE YOU THE MAX PROFIT!!! To figure out which route is best (and this goes for any flight/aircraft) subtract the fuel cost from the max revenue to figure out what your max profit would be.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: Airbus a300F or Boeing 757-200F

Ilyushin Il-76

For the price, this is about the most reliable cargo airplane in Cyber Airline! It is more efficient that the 300F and costs less. Flown correctly you will consistently get more 200,000 flights than the 300F. If you are crunched for cash this airplane will keep you in the game nicely. Fly routes just under 1,300km frequently. Although it has the perks of the Airbus a300F, the Airbus a300F can hold much more cargo so upgrade when you can.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: Airbus a300F, or Boeing 757-200F

Airbus 300F

STAR AIRCRAFT! Purchase this aircraft as cheap as possible from the Used Market, high hours shouldn't be a problem as you will only fly 1,300km routes. Fly as much as possible on 1,200km - 1,300km routes, only sell to upgrade as restricted range isn't a problem until you reach 1,300km max range. Will take you to 100+ rating and beyond! Be careful getting these too early in the game and definitely watch distances flown. Never fly anything that is over 4:45 minutes! Nor fly any routes greater than 1:33.> Avoid anythign int eh 2 and 3 hour ranges.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: None. Keep flying these, but they are workhorses (need a very quick turn-around) so if you can't get online a lot during the day the Boeing 757-200F is a great option.

NOTE: The technique for flying medium-range routes is also the same. Fly routes as close as possible to 4,000km, but not over. So 3,999km routes will be the most profitable.

Boeing 757-200F

Another great plane. Can fly long distances for cheap (fuel wise) and can make you $400,000 or more on long flights when you go to bed. A great option after the Airbus a310-200F. Fuel cost is cut in half and range is extended. It's best for people who can't get online a lot as you can fly long and very profitable flights.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: MD-11F or Boeing 777F

TIP: All the aircraft after this point have large fuel usages, and as they cannot be flown regional like the planes above, the fuel cost may affect your revenues largerly. To avoid this, make sure you fly the correct routes, and always try to fly to cities with the cheapest fuel costs (aim for less than $2).

Antonov An-22

Avoid. It can hold more cargo than the 757-200F, but this is a case where the range and fuel use take a turn for the worse. Not a very good plane so stick with the 757-200F.

Boeing 767-300F

The range is extended slightly and it can hold more cargo, but the fuel use is twice as much. This is another plane you are going to want to avoid. Stick with the 757-200F or purchase/lease the MD-11F or 777F instead of this aircraft.

Airbus 330-200F

It is a step up from the 757-200F, but a very small step at that. The range is extended, and it can hold more cargo, but the fuel use more than doubles. If you really feel like you have to upgrade from the 757-200F than go ahead, but try to avoid.

McDonnell Douglas MD-11F

A great option following the Boeing 757-200F. It has a longer range and cargo captivity almost doubled allowing you to make almost $1 million on a single flight! It is the best replacement aircraft for the 757-200F and is definatly worth the price. If you are considering purchasing the plane however, try to wait and buy the Boeing 777F.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: Boeing 777F or AN-124

Boeing 777F

This plane is the best aircraft following the Boeing 757-200F. This aircraft is great at overnight routes. During the day, fly just under 4,000km routes, and just before you go to bed, send it on the LONGEST route possible, will earn $500,000 to $1 million per flight on these routes!

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: An-124 or An-225

Antonov An-124

A great aircraft for making money during the day. It has a large cargo capacity however remember to fly to destinations with low fuel prices due to its high fuel usage. Fly routes just under 4,000km, do not try to fly long routes overnight as a price drop after 4,000km and higher fuel usage will affect the revenue. There is a catch, make sure that if you get this plane you get online to fly this plane several times a day. It's not worth it if you can't.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: An-225

Boeing 747-400F

Boeing 747-800F

Antonov An-225


This is the ultimate cargo aircraft, due to its large cargo capacity. Fly routes under 4,000km and to low fuel price destinations. Once you can get this plane, STICK WITH IT! It is the best and most profitable cargo aircraft available and will make you the most for your money.

Suggested Replacement Aircraft: NONE!!! There is no replacement for this plane. Stick with this plane and don't go any further up the list.

Boeing 747 LCF

Slight step up from the AN-225 but not really. Unless youdon't fly often and can own this plane stick with the AN-225. This plane has longer range and can get slightly more ratings than the AN-255. But you sacrifice more consistent revenue. So fly this if you are tired of the AN-225. But always go back to the 225.

Airbus 380-800F