A quick guide to purchasing improvements, as posted by Air Aires on the Alliance Forum. If you need any futher help regarding anything, please do not hesitate to ask myself or any alliance member, we will be happy to help!

New Fuel Company

Improvement Price: $7,000,000 Rating Needed: 3.0000
Changing your fuel company will provide a cheaper source of fuel.

Improvement Effect: Decrease fuel price by 5%
Daily Cost: $49,000

If I use the formula, 24 hour fuel cost minus 5% equals X, and X is less than $49,000 in a 24 hour period, I should not purchase the improvement.

Next example:

Mail Service Contract

Improvement Price: $10,000,000 Rating Needed: 7.0000
Becoming a subcontractor of a mail company increases the amount of cargo on your planes.

Improvement Effect: Increases minimum cargo load on board by 5%
Daily Cost: $70,000

If I take my total amount of cargo carried within a 24 hour period, then times it by the average cost per KG and it is less than $70,000 in a 24 hour period, I should not buy it.

Next example:

Catering Service

Improvement Price: $12,000,000 Rating Needed: 10.0000
Hiring an independent catering service provides better food for your passengers.

Improvement Effect: Increases ticket price by 10%
Daily Cost: $84,000

I take the average ticket price for both economy and business class (I do not have first class), and times that cost by 10%, if the increase in cost is greater than $84,000 in a 24 hour period, I should purchase it.